If you’re looking for a WI Nissan dealership that puts your needs before profit, Van Horn Nissan of Sheboygan is your answer. We have garnered quite a reputation in the Madison metropolitan area for providing more than just new models, but also top-notch maintenance and reputable advice.

While we offer a wide range of maintenance advice to our customers, one of the topics we regularly discuss is summer car care. Many drivers disregard the effects that heat can have on a vehicle. Even though your engine runs hot, it shouldn’t undergo the kind of long-term heat exposure that summer brings on.

So, how do you combat excess heat? For starters, you should make sure your radiator is up to the task of cooling your engine. It can be easy to forget about the state of your coolant, but it’s important to ensure it’s at an optimal level. A full coolant flush is only needed every 60,000 miles or so, but we’ll still inspect it for good measure.

Excess heat can also cause various components to wear faster. One major component susceptible to this wear is your set of tires. We urge all our customers to have their tires inspected by a car care professional before hitting the hot pavement. While you should have your tires checked year-round, it’s especially important in the summer. Heat affects your tires by raising the air pressure levels and degrading the rubber.

Here at Van Horn Nissan of Sheboygan, our Nissan parts and service team is here to ensure your car is ready for all that summer has to offer. Between coolant checks and belt repair, we better guarantee you enjoy your summer completely free of car problems.