Of all you’re vehicle’s essential components, your transmission sits at the top of the list. When you visit our Nissan parts department, you’ll find a group of auto technicians who have a deep knowledge of the transmission system and can help you determine differences between each type.

When you’re purchasing a car from Nissan, you’ll likely only find three types of transmissions, manual transmissions, automatic transmissions, and the continuously variable transmission or CVT. So, for the most part, Nissan cars nearly cover the gamut of transmission types. That said, there is a fourth variety, dual-clutch automatic transmissions.

So, where do all of these transmissions differ? Well, the manual transmission was considered the standard for years, before automated transmissions entered the market. The manual transmission requires you to change gears manually and is less complex than its automatic counterparts. As a result, manual transmissions are far easier to maintain. On the other hand, automated manual transmissions change the gears automatically, and make driving seamless. A CVT is a little different in that it is shiftless, meaning that it can switch between different gear ratios seamlessly. On the other hand, dual-clutch transmissions are similar to the standard automatic transmissions, but sport separate clutches, one for odd gears and the other for even.

So which transmission build is right for you and your car? While you won’t be able to find a dual-clutch transmission in a Nissan car, our team of auto experts can help you figure out what transmission type best fits your needs. At Van Horn Nissan of Sheboygan we’re all about creating fulfilling driving experiences, and can help you find the vehicle that you simply love to drive.